CITE Conf. and Expo SF 2014




Thanks to all who participated in CITE 2014!

 Thanks again to all who contributed to such an incredible conference last week! From innovation with mobile, social, cloud and big data -- what IDC calls the Third Platform -- to wearable computing, 3-D printing, sensors and more, CITE focused on the best strategies to employ new technologies to drive your business. 

Highlights from CITE 2014 included:

  • Wearable Computing, 3-D Printing and More at NASA
  • VC Panel: Consumer Innovation, Enterprise Disruption
  • Business Transformation through A Social Enterprise
  • Combining Internal and External Data for Analysis that Drives Revenue
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) Development at UPS
  • A Multi-Cloud Model for When One Size Doesn’t Fit All
  • Talent Management in the Era of Consumerization
  • Conversations with Bret Taylor of Quip and Cyrus Mistry of Google Chrome
  • Action-oriented case studies addressing The Customer, The Business, The Workplace, The Technology and The Edge.
  • Up Next: Mobile-First Enterprise Apps

For more highlights, check out CITE Conference in the News:

View the full CITE Conference agenda and our speaker list, which includes leading executives from IDC, UPS, Unilever, True Value Co., DirecTV, Cerner, Sanofi, Interactions, AT&T, Samsung and many more.

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    photos from CITE San Francisco, 2014